Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

What I learned today

I've never had a good experience with universal remotes in the past. They never do the most important things or only control one or two of the things you want them to. And with n-hundred doallar wizbang universal remotes, I feared that an inexpensive solution didn't exist. Apparently I was wrong. for $20 I recently bought a All for One brand URC. It actually had working codes for everything but my DVD-R, which is some weird off brand and I only had to teach it (yay! it can learn) two buttons to get the fuctionality I want (it's missing a few of my amp buttons, but it also created some new amp remote functionality that wasn't there before. It also have macros which we haven't programmed yet, which will let us hold a single button and it will turn on all the devices needed for that function (like the TV, the amp, set the amp to the right thing, turn on the PVR.)

and I learned that there is a PC->universal remote standard called JP1. It doesn't look easy to deal with, but knowing that the flexiblity is there is wonderful.

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