Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

DDR makes me speak true

After reading a friends recent expereince with DDR in the arcade, I realized that I wanted to document one of my own experences, and this really seemed like the place to put it.

I was in Ottawa visiting family and the need to play as well as the need to show my Grandma DDR was strong. I had not brought up my home game, despite considering it because I was a litle paranoid about crossing the border and people had convinced me that it was a bit silly to do, especitally since I was staying with my grandmother who lived in an apartment. ("Do not bother others with your stomping" and all that.) So I used the power of and looked up DDR machines in Ottawa. There turned out to be two. I picked the more accesible one and had my grandmother drive me out there.

When I got there I was surprised to see it was a reall small arcade, under 20 or so machines. There is was DDR 3rd korean right by the door. I jamed some quarters in and started to play. My grandMa stood back because the music was loud. After the first game I found playing in clunky boots too annoying and took them off.

A soon ran out of quarters (even at only .50 Canadian) and went back for more change. The woman who was giving out the change said "You like the dancing, eh?" I said yes and she looked at my barefeet oddly. I explained and she said I played at my own risk. I went back to playing and she followed me out and talked to my grandmother.

Now here is the interesting bit. She said that she'd never seen many women playing DDR (I got the impression that I was the best woman she'd ever seen played) and she asked me if that was the same as in Boston. And I thought about it, and she was right. There were very few women at Good Times who played and the few that did weren't very good. (Except for that one delicious looking woman who was really good and really sexy.) It strikes me as really odd that is true. Especially since in my circle of friends more women than men play.

If this is true, then why would more women than men play in the arcarde?

At this point I was geting pretty tired. I tried to do the Paranoia's all in a row, but the game didn't have that feature. My grandmother explained how I'd found the place on teh internet and the woman was impressed at her being listed. I thanked her for having such a nice machine and a nice Arcade and we left.

Once we'd gotten into the car, my Grandmother commented on that being a pretty cool game, but that I really really need a better bra if I was going to play in the arcade. We drove home and I got to sick to return latter in the trip.

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