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We are told that we get hungry when it is time to eat.

Human hunger is so much more messed up than that. Hunger is different from everyone. You get hungry from a combination of the time of day, how much you have in your tummy, how much you've stretched you're tummy out recently, how thirsty you are (stupid body, when you're thirsty, don't press the hungry button) and how much exercise you've had (For me, the more I exercise, the less I want to eat, which is backwards) and some part just randomly being hungry. Sometime hunger is for somethign specific, even if the tummy won't tell anyone what that specific thing is. Sometimes hunger is there, it won't let you think anything else, but all food is disgusting.

And what lies beyond the first pangs? One would think that logic would dictate more instance on you eating, but no, it cripples your judgement, so eventually you just don't want to eat because it's too much effort to decide, or you're just too pissed off to eat, or you just feel sick and don't want to eat because you feel sick. What is the logic in that?! Or sometimes, the tummy just gets tired and shuts up and you only notice that you really needed to eat when you notice you mood is erratic, you're lethargic and your head hurts.

I'm sure that I've missed a whole lot of hunger illogics. It's even more frustrating to me, since I need to play stupid games with hunger. I shouldn't eat just when I'm hungry and sometimes I should eat when I'm not.

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