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[taiko] apples!ta

I woke up at 7:20 today to drive to vermont to meet other taiko groups in an apple orchard and it was fabulous. There were groups from burlington VT, springfield MA, Montreal and Ottawa. The Odaiko New England members (Mark and Kristen) didn't show up until half way through, so the students, Dave, mwerble and I stepped up and played a song to represent the group and I got to introduce the us and the song. I forgot some things, but I was reasonable on the mic. I need more practice with that, but it was nice to get a first live exposure.

I got free apples.

The other groups were great. There was one woman playing with her baby in a carrier on her front. The baby was soundly asleep, having heard taiko in the womb, and it had an adorable (and coming from me that means a lot) hachimaki.

When Mark did show up, we played Kashmir and mark let me play the Odaiko. I was ragged (from lack of any real practice) and my solo was lackluster, but it felt so good to preform it. It was a casual enough setting that the lack of polish was ok. Apparently we got lots of appaulse, but I seem to not remeber that part.

I'm not sure if I disappointed Mark, but I don't care, it was super fun. Apparerntly there will was more drumming after the pot luck, but we had to get back. Maybe next year we'll plan longer.

The weather was great, even though the report said 50% rain.
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