Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

I'm so embarassed

warning, this is SUPER boring.

So my phone hasn't been able to send SMSs for forever. It can receive SMSs and MMSs and I just didn't care, since I could always just send as MMSs, but today I get a "well come to mobile AIM" and then a peice of stock spam and the only way to turn off the service is to send an SMS with "out" to moblie-aim. So I poked around the mobile aim sight for an alternative way to shut it off, and it wouldn't let me do anything with out creating a new account with them, which made me annoyed. Why should I have to give them personal information to shut off a service a spammer subscribed me to. So I phoned t-mobile to try to get the SMS problem resolved. However I had to lie to them about what phone I had, since they won't talk to you if you have an unsupported phone. Most of the time this is fine, because it issue isn't related to the phone, but sadly this time it seems to have been, since my sim can send SMSs in my old phone, so I'm feeling shitty that I had to lie and put both me and the tech support people through that ordeal when it seems to be my phone's compatiblity with t-moblie. *grumble* I have a friend who has the same phone which works perfectly with t-mobile, so there is something deeper her. The best guess, irght now, is that my SIM is too od and incompatable with the phone. Sadly there isn't much information on problems caused by old SIMs in new phones. But I'm going to the store tomorrow and asking for a new SIM.

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