Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

boring phone story part 2

Short jist: It was the sim. my phone is happy now.

So I went to t-mobile's physical store and asked for a new sim. I'm glad the intertubez had prepared me, since I had to go through the "that will be $20 for a new sim" "I was told I could get one for free" "oh look, you talked to tech support yesterday" and then no futher mention of the $20. The guy said that anytime people have been sent to him for a new sim it never solves the problem, but he was willing to try. Since it solved my problem, he'll have to revise his never.

He also looked through my account to see if there were any deals I could take advantage of, but since my account is from the dawn of time (so was my sim) it's already stripped down. He made comments like "why do you have such a fancy phone when you never use it" and (refering to the phone friends for cheap deal) "you have no friends" which became a running joke for the transaction.

He was a nice guy. They're in a new store in the twin city mall (near McGrath) and they're desperate for business, so if you have any t-mobile needs, you should go there. He gave me his card and said if I write my number of on the back of it and then gives it to a friend who comes and buy something from them (not sure how much) they'll credit $25 to my account.

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