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interests meme! coraline asked me about these interests:

alphabets: I took an interest in ancient egyptian hiroglyphics and then in Japanese (which has three alphabets) and I realized that while I love the Japanese language, I love the alphabet more and that had been my draw to hiroglyphics too, then I learned Korean (which I've forgotten) which while I was learning it I thought "hey, this feels like a designed alphabet" and lo and behold, it was, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. I need to play more with aribic and sanscript. and there are tons more alphabets to play with.

fhqwhgads, sweet cuppin cakes: These are actually from the same sorce, which is . The first is one of the early strong bad emails, where it was clear that the sender decided to give a fake "name." Strong Bad, in his style, just ran with it and turned it into a rap. Sweet cuppin' cakes was another sb email, where he invents this cartoon which features the casio keyboard in my icon, which I own in real life so I was completely taken by it. I loved that demo song! It's also featured in da da da. It's a famous model of keyboard!

roller coasters: I'm a afriad of heights. There are some amazing coasters out there (most of them at Cedar point) that come to as close to flying as most people can get. what's not to love about a well built and maintained coaster! plus when I was young, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer "a traveling rollercoaster inspecter" which now I'm really glad I never became, but hey, it's a cute story.

kitfo! is an etheopian dish of spiced, usually raw, beef. There is a place in somerville that serves it with spiced cheese too. I love this dish (though I shouldn't eat it that often) to the point that one day when I was bouncing about it, one of my ex-coworkers, paraphrasing gir said. "'Cat, why is the hard drive missing from this computer?' 'I had to make room for the Kitfo!'" Mmmm now I want kitfo! kitfokitfokitfo!

if you want me to ask you about 5 of your interests, comment here

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