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The bleeding edge

So my current consumer obession (I'm now accepting that it's just a part of me that I'll have one and trying to work on enjoying it as much as possible) is so new that half the drivers don't work with it, but the community is small and open, and I'm finding exciting that I might join the community, even though buying one of these devices now will likely not lead to a high-end consumer experience. Things are being further confounded by my case that only takes half height graphics cards, but instead I'm enjoying the chase, enjoying learning about nvidia video cards (though man, it's not easy.) It's also being fun trying to guess which direction support will come from first, though I am a little nervous that I'll win an ebay auction "too soon" and kid of be left a little dry on the full support front (the glasses will operate as a monitor with any video card, which will be a win with my current set up because I can put my real monitor (I hope) away and just have a hook on the wall, instead of table in front of me. But the full 3d support is only supported by nvidia cards but not the 8xxx series.)

Anyway, babble! part of me enjoying the obsession. It's also nice to have a happy post.

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