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I thought it was boring... I guess not.

Being sick is boring. I would like to stop now.

I got the petticoat I ordered for my Devil zukin costume, and it was a grave disappointment. I think that I will have to use it, since I've run out of money this month to buy a better one. I think that since I'm making slap-dash wings, that this will be my first pass at the costume and I'll make a second revision sometime. I think that I should go out and buy some more fabric once I'm better and have some time to make a correct colored skirt that is light enough for the petticoat I have. (monday is consumed with the Mars bancrupcy auction, which I don't think will be fruitful, but I still want to go.)

The arisia art show forms taunted me, but I just don't have enough topical stuff. To do it right I'd need to make real prints of Sakura. I really don't have anything topical. It would just be too big a gamble, since the cheapest I could go would be to display one print and pay for remote handling which would be $15 + $10 for the smallest allocation of display space. I'm too much of a control freak for remote handling so it would be $40 ($30 entrence fee, plus board space). Plus what ever getting the prints made would be, AND one peice of art a show does not make. Nomad comes close to being topica, but misses, and I really have nothing else. I was thinking of paiting a lizard hand on the in progress painting I'm doing right now, but it feels... cheap.

I should do the boxes that I'm making up in fanstasy/SF themes... yah... that's it.

Everything is too scary to do.

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