Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Am I missing something?

I would like a wireless gaming head set for PC. You can get wireless head phones no problem. You can get cute bluetooth head sets, no problem. If you try to use the bluetooth with a PC you have to get the PC to "phone" the head set every time you want to use it so the headset can "answer." Which is annoying. I want to be able to just pick up my head set and go. If I wanted to shell out $130, I can get a plantroics wireless headset, which is super sexy, but there is nothing really in the $60 range except for one very bulky head set and a discontinued logictech head set, which I fear has a HUGE battery pack, but can't really find out since it's discontinued and there seems to be only one picture of it on the net.

Am I missing something? It's clear that wireless can come in small packages and inexpensively. Logitec has a super sexy xbox wireless head set for $20 and of course there are all the bluetooth phone headsets, so why does no one sell one that plays nice with the PC and is affordable? What am I missing?

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