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it is?

Quoted from an article on

"If 10 years seems like a long time to own a car, well, it is, but it's also just above the median age of the average car on U.S. roads: 9.2 years. Trucks have an average road life of 7.1 years."

It is? I though 10 years was the "right" amount of time to own a car if you were feeling luxious enough to own new cars. I thought I was being wasteful planning to get a car when my current car is only 9 years old.

See that average includes people who buy used cars that are 10 years old and give them love. I just assumed that my saturn was going to live another 10 years with someone who didn't mind the repairs that accompany an older car and needed something affordable. Does that mean my lovely faithful car isn't looking at a bright future?

Ah, but it's an average age, so that means for every new car comming on the road, there has to be a 20 year old one still on it, but soon to retire? I guess I'd like to see the average age of a car before it gets scrapped or otherwise never hits the road again.

I never was good at statistics. It was really the first statement that got me thinking, "Really? That how long I expect to own my car."

EDIT: here we go, further reading finds "Polk said the median age of cars on U.S. roads was 9.2 years in 2007. That ties the previous year's record high. In 2007, 41.3 percent of all cars were 11 years or older, compared with 40.9 percent the year before." "
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