Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

psp noob

I'm buying myself a psp as my birthmonth present to myself, but I'm feeling a bit clueless. I bought the silver combo pack, because it included a game Greg would play and a 1g memory card, which seems to be run about $20-$25. The combo pack is $30 more than a normal, black one. Was this ia good thing to do? I think if they were different only in color, I'd get the black, but I've never been too swayed by looks. The memory card looks like an SD card, but apparently sony is a poohead and made their own propirtary memory "duo" thing.

So is there a piece of information I'm missing here, or was that actually a wise thing to do, even though the silver looks cheap (hey, I can always buy some cool skin if I hate it, right?

I'm also a little worried that the silver one isn't the "slim" style, but I think that's just paranoia. Any wisdom?

EDIT: I think the color will now be moot, as I plan on buying a skin thta will be ultracool!
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