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[video games] Crisis Core

I finished Crisis Core (yay brithmonth present to myself!). This is mostly notable since I usually don't actually finish games (I never finished Bioshock, I didn't actually finish Portal, but kabitzed while greg finished it. I haven't finished Patapon, but I hope to go back to it. But anyway, back to Crisis Core. I think they did a good job. It wasn't the most amazing game ever, but it was fun, had a lot of nice design touches and oranigational things, and it was very pretty. There was one cut sequence that just left me with my jaw dropped completely. I think they also did a good job of playing to the audience (the FF7 fans) and trying to make an enjoyable RPG. The story wasn't suburb, but it was about on par with the "average" final fantasy. It was a bit on the short side (I took about 20 hours, but that was mostly avoiding the dishwashing, which I might go back and do more of) but since it's on a hand held, I think that's ok.

I absolutely love my PSP. I'm truely surprised by it's graphical power and beauty of screen. I'm very happy I decided to get it.

EDIT: I just read a walk through. If you do all the side mission stuff, I likely only played about 1/4 of the game.

Ok, after rewatching, it's not the most awesome thing ever, but I still think it's pretty cool at the end. Sadly, it's long. So unless you think Sephiroth is cool, don't clicky. (link same as embed.)
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