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11 April 2008 @ 04:48 pm
Shopping... in the furture!  
We went to stop and shop today and decided to try out their new scan-and-bag-as-you-shop system. I liked the idea of using your existing discount card to check out the scanner (I didn't like that you didn't get to check it back in.) It didn't have a good way to enter in multiple items, which for 10 bagles, kind of sucked. The scaled that printed out lables for your scanner were easy to use. I think the biggest problem is that bagging in cart, when you have a large order, doesn't really work and that the scanner, at least to me, didn't feel like it was speeding things up. I think on a small order the self check-out is still the win. Another problem is that when you were done, you still had to wait in line, which is extremely dumb.

All in all, I think it's definately not a win, but I'm really glad they're experimenting.
Camilla Foxcfox on April 12th, 2008 01:13 am (UTC)
It seems to make me more aware of what items cost, so I can see that it might be a real win if you're trying to fit into a tight budget.

It would be nice if the checkout was slick enough to support a use case of "oops, my time is up, gotta leave now", but sadly, it's rather brittle, and if you mess up the order of scanning things, it takes half way forever for their staff to sort it out.

There's also the possibility that the computer will single you out for an audit, at checkout time. This can be really slow, and the staff have no override.
gmpe on April 12th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
We love love love love love the scanners at Stop and Shop. First, you can checkout through any line at the market. I am surprised you had to wait. We've never had to wait in line. More importantly, the scanner is the way to go with a toddler. ellarree is a pro at pointing the scanner and hitting the button. She's even figured out to line the red laser stripe over the bar code as I hold it up. (I only let her do this once I figured out that she couldn't actually erase things from the cart on me.) She also loves that there are carts now with a scanner holster *and* a cup holder for her sippy bottle. :) Most importantly to me, I can shop and when she decides she's done, with no warning to me, we can be done and leave the store nearly instantly. Also, I love not having to have someone else bag my bags incompetently. Now that we switched to the larger reusable bags from Whole Foods, I find packing the backs much easier than dealing with the flimsy plastic ones at S&S. This is especially true for a large order, which most of mine are. Finally, I didn't have a problem with the not checking back in thing because they "check you in" when you go to pay. I guess you could walk out of the store with the scanner itself, but why would you? I will admit things seemed slower with the scanner the first few times I went, but now I've got my system figured out and it's pretty quick. Also, it looks the the scanner specific coupons are targeted based on your previous purchases. (I'd say 80% of mine are usually things I have purchased in the past.) I am happy to get extra money off the things I was going to buy anyway just for the convenience of using the scanner system I wanted to deal with anyway. :)

(When you're a stay at home mom with a one and two year old going to the super market is a big part of your life and sometimes the big adventure for your day. The scanner makes is a much better adventure, so I am probably more excited/obsessed about it than I should be.)
Natashahoneyartichoke on April 14th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
We've been using the scanners at stop and shop and find it pretty handy, even with large orders (or especially for those). We usually bring our own bags (large fabric ones- it was the best xmas gift last year) - so goodbye large piles of plastic bags. Also, usually don't have to wait in line, even if there is a line, if there is a cashier person (next to the self-checkout lanes) who is really on the ball, they have us basically cut the line and process the order. The process for unpackaged veggies is a bit of a pain still, as at least some of the machines that weigh them and generate the bar code stickers are broken every time. I have to agree with someone else that it is nice to see the prices for everything as you go, and be able to get rid of things.

so to sum up, it's not perfect yet, but i like it in general.