Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Shopping... in the furture!

We went to stop and shop today and decided to try out their new scan-and-bag-as-you-shop system. I liked the idea of using your existing discount card to check out the scanner (I didn't like that you didn't get to check it back in.) It didn't have a good way to enter in multiple items, which for 10 bagles, kind of sucked. The scaled that printed out lables for your scanner were easy to use. I think the biggest problem is that bagging in cart, when you have a large order, doesn't really work and that the scanner, at least to me, didn't feel like it was speeding things up. I think on a small order the self check-out is still the win. Another problem is that when you were done, you still had to wait in line, which is extremely dumb.

All in all, I think it's definately not a win, but I'm really glad they're experimenting.
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