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Mazda5 car review

So at least one person wanted to know what my opinion of my new car was, so I figured there might be other people interested,

I've owned the car two weeks now and have put ~250 miles on it.

EDIT: Three weeks.

This isn't a complete review. I've left out many of the things you can get from reading other reviews. Please feel free to ask questions if there is a topic you really wanted to know about. I don't have a good mpg number because I've only done one fill up since getting it so I don't have a good 0. Now I do, so the next fill up should hopefully give me a proper mpg number.

so here are my notes:

The road noise is defiantely noticable, though it might be in contrast to the quiet engine noise.

There are so many small storage compartments and the glove compartment is well thought out.

It's easy to feel the extra weight of the car. The engine and brakes are adiquate for stopping the car, but it takes much longer to stop the car gently because of the extra mass.

The sliding doors will latch open, which is great for making sure they stay open on slopes, but takes a little bit of getting used to operating the handle to close a door.

When I climbed into the back, I hear a few small cracking noises, so it might be possible to cause damage by loading something too roughly into the back or loading something htat as a very concentrated
pressure point.

Because of the north american removal of the Karakuri seat, there is a space between the 2nd row seats when folded, I don't know if this will acutally be a problem. It is kind of a problem that with the third row down and the 2nd up, there is a place for things to leave the cargo area. I've added in a folding devider to hopefully prevent that.

You definately sit higher than the normal compact sedan. This leaves me feeling like I've gone over to the dark side of car ownership.

I LOVE my manual mode. *beam*

I wish it wouldn't beep when I use the steering wheel volume controls (I wonder if I can turn that off.) I can! All turned off.

The back seat air vent only blows cool air. This is less than useful in the winter. Have yet to had a chance to test it in the summer.

It beeps when the passenger takes off their seat belt with the car still moving. I like this, my passenger has not.

The rattle in the dash that some reviews reported is clearly there, but not really a bother if you know it's common.

All the reviews are correct that empty, it has some pep, but that you can really feel the higher-than-small-car curb weight and the lack of power when you are heavily loaded. I've had 3 adults and myself in the car, and it was still easy to drive and didn't feel sluggish, so I think even at it's most loaded, it will still be more than drivable, just not perky.


Again, if there is an aspect you'd like me to write in detail about, let me know. These are the things I thought of as "notable." In general, I like the car, other than I worry it might be a bit bigger than I 'need' and concequently has worse gas milage than is ideal. It has a lot of nice design touches and standard features.
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