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Waffle: DSLRs

To review:
So I have two old nikon lenses. A 70-210mm a nice low f-stop 50mm. These lens are old enough that the low end new nikon cameras can't auto-focus them. So I either have to go back a generation, the D50. Or get the 3rd level of nikon camera. The question is, should I be abandoning my old lenses or finding the money for the higher end camera, because not only will it support my lenses, but it will also be a better camera.

Poll #1191976 cameras

So which camera should I aim for?

Now is not the time for a DSLR
Abandon nikon the nikon lenses and find a nice DLSR with a lens with some other brand.
Get a d40 (6MP) and lens for $450 and give up the auto focus on the old lenses.
get a d60 (10MP) and lens for about $630 and give up on auto focus on the old lenses.
Get a used d50 (the last generation, 6.1MP, ~$350) from ebay and take a chance on the problem that d50s only have about 20k shutter closures on it. Most auctions do not report shutter closures.
Get a used d80 (10MP) from ebay (~$630).
Get a "recertified" d80 from newegg. (~$660).
Get a new d80 from amazon. (~$730.)
other, I'm leaving a comment explaining.
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