Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

kaylee: day 2.1

Last night I woke up and it was stinking hot and humid. Since Kaylee's locked in the room with the AC, I had to move her down stairs and keep her locked up in the dog carrier, which she didn't like at all. The cats didn't like the production either. Iz and Nate seem more wary because of it. this might have set back the introduction time line an entire day.

During the night, Kaylee had eye shmooze, which is mostly likely just a stress/excitement induced cold. This morning, she no longer had it.

She loves attention so much. I feel so bad she has to, for the sake of the cat dynamics later, spend so much time alone.

She ate well this morning, which had me a little worried. she has yet to feel comfortable enough to use the litterbox yet.

I still have my apprihention that this was a bad idea. it's going to be a rough road making the integration happen well, espeically when my relationship with Iz and Nate isn't all that great to start with. (I have a lot of trouble comforting Izzy because of her independance and lack of cuddle.)
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