Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

kaylee: day 3.1

I heard a sound this morning and worried that a door had gotten open and the cats were attacking Kaylee. I went down stairs, but that wasn't the case, so, since things had cooled down a little, I decided to take Kaylee back to her room (she has to spend the night in the carrier when we need the AC.) Then I realized I couldn't leave the room with out Kaylee crying and waking greg, so I decided to just lie down on the floor and I'm so happy I did.

She curled up with me, both of us in a sun beam and we snoozed together. We spend the waking moments touching and her purring. I'd forgotten what it's really like to bond with a cat. To have a cat that likes to be touched and cuddled, that cares if you're there more than when they're just hungry. She look into my eyes and I'd give her a skritch and she'd bop me on the nose and then roll over adorably. I hope she doesn't loose this.

I still miss Nicki.

I hope Iz and Nate accept her soon.
Tags: kaylee, kitties

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