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13 September 2008 @ 02:48 pm
My copy of spore arrived (having had the pre-order, as is common, take longer than if I'd got is on release day.) I've not played all the stages yet, but it's more game than I though it was going to be (the sim games in the past have had lots to do, but not much direction) and it's also much harder than I thought. The interesting thing is it kind of feels like 4 dumbed down games loosely put together. It's kind of fun though.

But... there's the whole annoying DRM issue. (You should look at the Amazon reviews for details.)

EDIT: the dumbed down game genres are arcade, rpg, and rts. I haven't gotten to the final stage yet to know what it is.

EDIT: there are two more stages. Stage 4 is civ.