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Fear? Excuses?

I think that I've concluded that I am just simply afraid of the area. Sure there were only 25 in all over 2001. (I love their pretty maps) Most of those do happen on the weekend nights between 8pm and 2am. Really, not terrible statitics, given. Unless you account for the fact that maybe everyone is paranoid and so it's only the non-paranoid that get mugged.

Lots of people told me it was my fault when I got mugged for walking to MIT at 1am in '98. So why I should I not be scared now?

People were going to walk me to my car, but I think that I was afraid of walking from my car. I don't think that that was all of it though. I think that I wanted someone for whom getting me to my car was in their interest. I think that having someone to just be in the car with me as I struggle with parking is important. Someone to be there if there is a problem at the door, because I forgot money or ID or something.

Maybe I don't know what's going on in my head, but I think that I've learned that I need to find someone to car pool with.

I hope the other people have fun.

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