Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Cell phone questions...

First, I love my current phone and would be sad to give it up. But I pay about $23/month (I know to most of you that sounds small, but I don't use my cell that much.) That means I spend about $267 a year on my cell phone contract. This includes no web service.

If I read things right, I should be able to serve my cell phone needs by getting a $100/year pay as you go from verizon. It's a must that my phone have a full keyboard, but verizon has offered the "blitz" with pay as you go. Bestbuy is currently selling it for $150 as a pay as you go. This would be about my t-mobile cost for the year, with a future savings of $150 a year, which is noticable. I would, if I'm reading things right, also get the added service of web browsing (which t-mobile would charge me an extra $5/month for.)

However, I would loose a phone I like. The camera in the bliz is ~ 1 Megapixel compared to the 4 I currently have. My current phone can also take video, which the blitz cannot. I also give up all my custom ring tones (I'm not paying for ring tones.) I'm also sure I misread something in the service termsor have miscalculated my usage a little bit.

I bet there are a few other things I'm not thinking of. Any advice, stories or other things I might not have thought about is very welcome.

EDIT: Oh, I just thought of something. I can't go back if I give up my t-mobile plan. It's grandfathered.
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