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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

I just need to talk it out, futons

So when I ditched the HUGE couch, I also ditched having a couch I could lie down on and watch TV when I was sick. We wanted a new couch that was the right size, but our selection wasn't great, so we got what was comfortable to sit on, deffering the sleeping issue.

I was going to build something for the bay that matched the couch and slid out to be a sleeping surface, but I don't think I'll see that project to completition, so I've decided to buy something. The thing that seems to make the most sense is a futon chair. Sadly these are costly, but that's not quite the issue here.

I can't decide if I want a love seat/twin futon chair (about 45" wide.) Or a chair chair, but then the sleeping surface is only 28" wide. The two conflicting goals is that I want to bring some space back to my house. My house is very crowded, in good part because I love too much stuff, so having a small chair in the bay would bring some much needed light and peace to that corner of the room. I also want it to be a cozy reading nook. I'm not sure which of the two chairs would be better for curling up with a book. But it means when we have guests there is less seating for them. The 44" is a tight seat for two, but definately for two. The larger one also makes a much more comfy sleeping bed, but I'm not sure if that's a concern. I just want a verticle TV surface, though sometimes I will use it for sleeping when I'm sick or have insomnia, since our other futon is very large and usually trapped by computers. I think I need to work on some visualizations for what it would do to the bay. but I want to post this now and mull on how best to do it.

Welcome for any opinions.
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