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15 November 2002 @ 01:17 am
"I though about taking him to the real Disney World, but it was getting kind of late"  

I decided last night that I wanted a sephiroth T-shirt. Not finding any that I liked (and the one that came close weren't licenced) I decided to make one. So last night I found some images, but failed to find the blank Tees that I had bought a while back. I decided that tomorrow I would go to teh craft store and buy more.

Today I go to AC Moore that I know has the shirts I want and the black glitter I want, and it's closed because of a fire. The men loading the undamaged stock into a truck shoe me away before I can read the signs saying where the store is moving to. Well, no worries, there is another craft store. That craft store only has 3x and 2x black Tees, doesn't have the glitter I wanted and doesn't have tracing paper. GRR!!

I buy a navy and a burgandy shirt, frustrated. I come home and I paint the shirt.

And so now I have a sephiroth shirt. Yay! It didn't photograph well, because it's all glittery. This one at least looks better in person than in the photographs.

And the orginal picture:

It reminds me that I haven't done any real art in a while. Not that I'm certain I shoudl waste my money doing so. *sigh*
katybeth on November 14th, 2002 11:02 pm (UTC)
That looks like it came out quite well!