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A good night...

I wasn't in the best of social form, but all and all it was a good night.

I went out for margaritas with ex-ex-ex-co-workers. I got to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a really long time. Man I miss a bunch of them tons.

I was weird hearing them all talk about clyde, even the ones that I didn't know. I know the clyde they knew bares only minor simularties to the creature he started as, but it was still nice to know that I had started something.

I then went to nacht_musik's Jazz preformance. The conductor was amusing to watch. She conducted the entire time half way between just feeling the music and dancing. I loved watching her enjoy it so much. I think that's the way that Jazz should be conducted. You start the song not just with tempo, but the soul that goes into it.
I quite enjoyed the preformance itself.

It made me want to learn Jazz dance.

It made me want to own more Jazz.

But most of all it reminded me how important music is in my life, that I hope it never leaves my life, and that I wish I were better at it so I could make it more a part of my life. And that I should practice my soprano sax! I was very happy I went.

I labeled myself as a dieter by talking about calories. I need to remember to avoid that.

I got complements on my shirt, but people had to be told who it was. (The sephiroth shirt.)

I played one game of DDRMAX2 in the student center, which made me feel great I seem to be a 7 foot player still on machines. I should practice more on machines. Maybe after I get my boots.

I walked home, got some veggies, made curry veggies. (thank you crs)

But now I have curry on my pants, because I was sloppy. :( Curry pants sad.

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