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It's my journal and I can poll if I want to: more koto

I'm still hung up on the koto harp. Since koto-man let me down and didn't come back to Boston before he sold it after a month of playing with me, I have to now consider my other options. The chinese version, which is clearly not Japanese and has many more strings, is much cheaper. The authentic Japanese versions are sort of more than I should be spending on yet another instrument that I won't actually master. However, my hope would be to get good enough to perform it as a filler between set changes at an ONE show, so authenticity is worth something to me. Plus the Japanese ones are just prettier looking.

Harping on the issue...

get the cheaper chinese version and see how far you get with learning the style.
Get the Japanese version because maybe even if it's not useful to you, someone else in ONE can use it if it's completely authentic and it's not like the instrument looses value, though it might be very hard to sell, given the small market.
I'm clicking this, even though I know when you get obessed with something, it doesn't matter how many people tell you, "don't buy that," but really, don't buy yet another instrument. Go practice one you already own!

Chinese harp

Japanese harp (not the best picture)
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