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Finally a productive afternoon

After way to long of getting nothign done, I was good, got my exercise in early and then painted for the first time in forever. I used a new technique, which means the painting is changing as I type this, but here's what it looked like an hour ago. It's called Broken, and it will look very different once it dries.

Now maybe I'll go practice some instruments.


So I knew what I was painting was vaguely derivitive of firesea's painting found here but I hadn't realized that her painting was also of a fairy, also had the word broken in the title and was in almost the same possition. Fooey!

Well, no big deal as long as I don't sell mine at all. Someone who knows her better than me, ask her what she would like done with my derivitive work. I'm happy to destroy it, if she wishes.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever have an original thought.

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