Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Adventures in shed buying and how I love my car

Tomorrow the MA tax is going up and we're going to have some basement work done soon, so I need a dry place to store my tools while we empty out the basement, so I went to buy this shed tonight:

and arrived at home depot to discover the box was 49" wide and 62" long and two boxes tall. My car is only 40" wide at the narrowest, but I gambled that if I took it out of the box and put the largest peices diagonally I could get it into my car.

So I purchased it and this very helpful, thoughtful home depot guy (with a white beard) helped me wiggle, and stack, and lift up top pieces and slide and get everything into the car. I thought I was going to have make two trips. He was great, because he didn't just try to jam it all in (as someone who later came to help tried to do.) He really thought about how to get the bits in. He was just as impressed as I when it finally worked, however.

I then backed into my driveway the first time ever, I think and G and I unloaded the shed to under the carport in the dark and rain. Since I'd like it to be clean inside, I started to assemble it, but it was too hard in the dark, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Yay car! yay good home depot person!
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