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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Taiko Confrence, Thursday

I have some things to write about the flight in, but I can write those later, since they just need to be transcribed.

Got to enjoy little tokyo. (The tower in the picture to the left marks the place to turn to enter the row of Japanese shops.) It was nice to have enough time to explore it a fair amount. There were many things I wanted to buy and couldn't resist buying a kimono for $30. I was very glad I didn't go to the leadership meeting, though I really hope to hear lots about it. I'm curious how things work in the taiko work, but for my own sanity, I needed to stay clear. In the time I had I found a grocery store to sell me a nice cheap breakfast of Onagiri for tomorrow.

Today I had breakfast in the hotel lobby cafe and it was disappointing. We had lunch at a soup place, which was also disappointing, slightly. I was introduced to pinkberry, which was good, but I don't think I'll be having more of it, to save on money and waistline.

The shop owners are all sweet in their own way, except for the pushy ones. I really liked the pharmacy person. Bet tried on a kimono which looked amazing, but was too expensive.

The weather here is amazing.

I've been able to talk to some people (like the people from winnepeg.) but I'm definately not very good at the social game.

Dinner was a provided potluck by the staff ending in a very memorable jam. They separated us by number of years playing taiko. It was interesting to see the level of skill in those devisions. I got up for the 6-10 group to wait in line, but then they pushed the line on stage. There wasn't enough sticks for everyone, so I went and took one stick from Dave and we played the same drum as boisterously as we could. The really amazing part was watching the "more than 30 years" group jam. Not only were they good, but they seemed to know eachother so well and have such great chemestry. It also seemed to prove that taiko keeps you young. The gray haired ladies doing fast full arm circles that would best even the youngest in the audience. Hearing the cheers for our taiko heroes was also really cool.

After we ran through shinen in the parking lot. I've asked Mark to cut me from the performance tomorrow.
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