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24 August 2009 @ 11:14 pm
bad comcast  
So comcast is forcing us to switch to digital before the end of the year, but the boxes they sent us use this weird new IR protocol that both our replay and our universal remote do not speak. The big box might listen to our universal remote, but I'm not holding out hope that our now, by eletronic's standards, ancient replay will be able to talk to anything.

Not happy.
Binkbinkbink on August 25th, 2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
When we can't tell legitimate comments from satire, something is indeed broken, so
I googled the name on your reply comment because I thought it was a joke, and the first hit was this headline:
The Jury Talks Back » Mark Casem – Apparently competent
so your comment might mean something good will happen.

The next hit http://www.complainthub.com/blog/thats-not-way-win-fans-comcast is a post by another who received a similar reply. This makes me wonder how they know. Will Comcast notice my comments here and flag my account? Should I be looking for another service now before they cut me off? Is it time to go back to the postal service and handwriting? Does anyone still know how to handwrite?

What is really creepy is the exchange the poster links to:
which sounds so much like Eliza, I am not sure their techs can pass the Turing test.