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Crime statistics

One of the things that's important to me is I feel safe in my home, so I've written a few of the towns off for bad grime statitics, which feels silly when there is a house on the town line or other approximation. I really wish I had a map of WHERE the crimes happen. I found this one map, but it only had data for the town with the lower crime statitics. Now, part of this might be that the town has better police department or that the town just has a really bad downtown area or alike (the town in question is lynn, and if you look at the maps, lynn is composed of a very dense area and then the more suburban area around the reservations.)

The houses in lynn are asking for about 100k less than in Saugus, the neighboring town, so this would be a very important thing to figure out. The Lynn police department does seem to be less participator, which means they have less data on the web (Saugus has their crime log up, for instance.)

Anyone know of any good crime mapping sights that might have data mined things not on the internet?
Tags: crime, house hunting

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