Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

open houses: on the same page

I dragged G to an open house, knowing it wasn't one I was that interested in (too close to 95) but I wanted him to see what kinds of houses I'd been looking at and to also see a modern basement which was quite comfortable despite the cold day. We also got to hear a modern forced air system, which was nice an quiet, much to my delight.

We then did a drive by of the new construction on horn pond, where I learned that there's still traffic noise and learned more about what G would like or not like in a house. It seems for now that the horn pond is completely off the table until it exists. New construction scares us both, so it's something I completely understand not wanting to stretch our budget for a huge unknown.

This leaves me with patience, which I have little of, but hopefully with the holiday season about to pounce on my head the time to the housing market picking up will just fly by.

It is seeming much more likely, however, that we'll be staying here. This house has as much going for it as it does that's scary, plus, it's totally in our budget until something majorly scary happens.
Tags: house hunting

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