Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

back scare

We were demoing the walls in the basement, because our contactors agreed to help us take away the debris. It was day two, and G's back, which has been bad for years, had already had enough, so I was doing almost all of the lifting and carrying. To leave, you have to duck under the back porch. While caring something, this is very unhealthy and on one of the trips my back gave out on me. Now the pain wasn't so bad, but I knew that G had hurt his back helping someone move and that with backs it only takes a moment and everything can change, so I started to cry, not from the pain, but from the thought that in that one instant I might have lost my ability to do taiko. G was super supportive, making me stop and go back up stairs and stretch the best I could. While reaching for the knob to the door at the to top of the stairs my back gave me a shot of pain all through my body, and that actually hurt a whole lot.

I stretched, slowly. And have since showered with out much pain, but a whole lot of tenderness. It feels very musclature, which is good, since muscles heal much better than the spine. I think I'm going to be ok, but only tomorrow will tell. G says we'll pay people to finish, but I feel a little back about paying someone else to destroy their back, but then they have those lifting belts, training and lots of friends.

If any of my taiko buds read this, discourage me from lifting heavy drums for at least a week, please.
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