Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

wrist ow

im typing this with my left hand, so i'm going to forego caps.

on monday i was finishing the "last" section f removing carpet to expose the hardwood floor. i was pretty tired f it, but i thought it mental fatigue, not physical (other tan the bruises on my shins from kneeling so much.)

two parts of the job are very wrist intensive. pulling the staples with vice grips (pressing down, squeezing, sometimes a twist, and then pulling) and waxing (its the king of wax you let dry, then rub until it shines.)

this is by best guess as to why my wrist started hurtng yesterday. it started mild, and now is excrutiating. on the theory its tendinitis, i've been wearing a brace and icing it, but the pain is not getting better. it feels a little better why i wiggle my fingers.

i hope im treating it right. i don't have a dctr i trust and with the threatening snow, that might nt be much of an option.

to day is do everything with the left hand. though G has already been a big help on sme things i can't do with only on hand.
Tags: health, wrist

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