Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

antidotal evidence

I was watching a program which was (badly) debating if you could be healthy and over weight. One side included someone who had been a model and had nearly killed her self with her skinnyness, but was now a "plus sized" model at size 12. The other side had someone who had been horribly unhealthy while overweight and had lost her weight and regained her health.

What the once fat person couldn't see if that to prove that not all skinny people are healthy, the single example of the model being unhealthy proves that but to prove that all fat people are unhealthy, you can not just say, "I was unhealthy" and have it even chip away at the burden of evidence.

I wonder if this is a fundemental problem that some people have understanding the world?

Also, why didn't anyone point out that the "plus size" model wasn't overweight at all? This doesn't actual add to the arguement, other than the definition of "fat" needs some work.

Sadly the show was completely dumb.
Tags: arguement, fat

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