Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

this is what erector sets train you for

I can't say this will be interesting for anyone but me, but I'm highly amused at reconfiguing the new cat tree I got to fit our house better.

So I ordered this cat tree:

with the knowledge that with those two shelves sticking out it was too big for the space I wanted. I figured I could rotate the shelves around and make it more compacted. I also knew that the same kit could make this cat tree:

Same parts, so I had some confidence I could just make it work. Well when I actually received it, I found I couldn't just rotate the shelves around, so I reconfigured it to suit my needs and made this third cat tree with my 1337 erector set skillz:

which I think I like better than either of the two recommended configurations. The cats still thing it smells funny and still want to use their beat up cat tree.

Now because you've listen to my boring story, I will reward you with a cute cat picture!

EDIT: I came up with yet another configuration:

Now to decide which I like best.
Tags: cats, invention

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