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open houses: more about me than the houses: hall rd and pine ridge

I almost too greg to hall road. It was a split, oil and 25 minute commute, but otherwise seemed like it had a lot going for it. On the edge of Crystal lake in stoneham/wakefield with a layout that made some sense.

I almost blew the realtor's mind with the commuter rail. I'd checked the schedule, worried that the sound would carry perfectly over the lake, but I wanted to be outside when it happened and I was a little early, so she came and found me. While we wait, she said that she'd lived in the area all her life and never heard the commuter rail. Then the noise started and she was blown away by the sound. It was loud, noticable, but not really any worse than it is here or the average airplane passing overhead. I would guess inside the house it wouldn't be so bad. Something to check, later, if my waffling resolves. I possibly should be more worried, since it's not with in walking distance of anything commercial and the only pay off for that is an oasis. it was very quite other than that, but you could hear just a little of 95, but not really enough to matter.

The rooms were small, but plentiful. the kitchen being small is still a concern. The attic was small, but the closets were large. The room that brought me to the open house did not fail my expectations. It was lovely, with a perfect view of the woods and lake. The split does bother me some. The disclosure sheet also claims the construction was sloppy and cause some settling in the house in 2004. The house feels like it could really work for our lifestyle, though it's still not screaming "YOUR HOUSE" it's more screaming "YOUR LIVING ROOM."

On the way to the next open house I stopped by the horn pond houses. Sadly they are being build with HUGE stairways up to the door, so yah, those houses, even if they came back on the market, would never work for me. I really like that area better, though I don't know why, since it's crowded on the weekend with people driving in from all over. I don't like crowded. The Crystal lake backyard would be mine (with some teenage kids possiably roaming) not a herd of people. I don't know if I've just been to the horn pond area more, or if it's the stream that leads you to the pond or that the birds seemed happier there or what, but that was my first clue that I didn't really understand what I want and need.

Then I went to pine ridge. This house is too expensive and too far away, but was pretty sure it was the floor plan that I want, and it was. The rooms were ample, the kitchen was amazing, the master suite felt luxuious, the basement was large and inviting, there was a foyer, and the attic was large. Everything just felt better. Now part of the problem is did it feel better because it was all shiny and new? or because I really do like that layout better? Why do I want large open rooms instead of many small ones? Surely an art room and a music room is better than an art/music room where I might get paint on my cello? Hall street would work better for visiting realatives too, since the guest bedroom would be on the same level as the kitchen and a sitting area and our master would be a floor separated so the differeing schedules wouldn't conflict.

So I'm left feeling that what I want isn't what will make me happy. I need to find a way to get my head straight about all this or just give up on a new house.

EDIT: after a long talk with my mother while she reviewed the photos, we found a list of issues with hall house, so it's much easier to give up now.
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