Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

my visit to the koto academy

So since I'm planning on getting a koto, I went to observe a class at the koto academy. the lesson was in Japanese, but I didn't mind. I can learn a lot from watching. The teacher was a real pleasure to watch. She was so natural and elegant. The student was very good as well and they played a lovely duet together (stopping on the parts that the student was having trouble with.) It was a pleasure to just listen to them.

When it was over, she showed me some basics. I was very shy since I'd just observed the class and the borrowed picks didn't fit very well on my fingers.

Afterwords the owner of the academy asked if we had met before. He did seem familiar, so I said, "likely." And then he asked if I knew Marco. Which, yes I do. So apparently local Japanese music community is small enough. The teacher had also met some one from ONE, my best guess being Mark.

The teacher was also very pleasantly surprised that I could read kanji numbers.

As I was leaving they were also getting out some shamisen. I didn't think to ask if they gave sanshin lessons.

Now I just have to find money for a few lessons.
Tags: koto, music

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