Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

thumbs up for ira mazda's service

I was unhappy with 128 mazda because they took a very long time to do a simple oil change and charged me a lot.

I was unhappy with quirk mazda, because they had a restricted customer wifi, and I felt a bit bullied by their service plan.

Both claimed to require service twice as frequently as recommended in the car manual even for places with "harsh conditions."

Ira mazda, the people were friendly, informative, the waiting area was nicely laid out. They had a sign that said that ira motor group was dedicated to making fans out of its customers. They were fast and friendly about getting me a rental and even faster about getting it returned. My car had a little card on the dash with the name of the mechanic who took responsibility for servicing my car and his extention. I've never seen accountability of the specific mechanic before. Even the cashier was on the ball and treated me with respect.
They seem to also believe corporates service schedule.

I will say they have me fast on the road of becoming a fan. Too bad they're 30 minutes away (when traffic is good) but then my closest is 20 minutes away. I'm definitely going back.

I lost a little money because they'd told me I'd have the rental for at least a week, so I filled it up thinking I would use most of it before the week was over. So I lost a few gallons of gas, but not really a big deal.
Tags: car, car trouble

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