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Making the 10% that gets 80% of the profits

The world seems to being doing more and more of this. aim for the common majority and ignore the niche markets. Meaning you get squished as you try to compete with the big boys. Firefly is an exmaple of this: As close to literature as TV gets, but no, must make room for "Joe millionaire" (just like the marry a millionaire show, except he isn't a millionaire, but we haven't told the women that.)

I think it's sad this is what people want.

I beleive that I saw today in the pet store that you had
changed your formula to include corn. Please continue to make a corn
free dry cat food. You are the only brand of dry cat food that I can
find that doesn't use corn and my cat has a allergy to corn. The health
of his teeth is in your hands.

They sent me back a form letter (I wish I still had the text) that basically said:

We test our new flavors for tastiness both in our lab and in in-home trials. We know it's hard to explain to your cat that his favorite food has changed. You shoudl consult your vet about corn free foods.

The last sentiment was tacked on. I only bought their food because it had no corn. if I wanted a corn based food, i'd buy something available conviently at my supermarket. Don't they realize they are alienating they're market, not broadening it. They are throwing themselves into a pool already teaming with sharks. And they expect to compete by giving up those things they used to be proud of. You can still see their claims of no corn on their web page.

It makes me angery and sad to see the short sighteness of the companies out there. they'd rather drown in the big pool than float in their small pool.

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