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aiptek DDD11k 3d video recorder first review

It might help that I was ready to be disappointed by this device, but in general I'm very pleased.

The glassesless screen, while a little grainy and finicky with the angle is almost required while doing 3d video-agraphy. I had one friend who just liked to watch how things looked different on the 3d screen. I hope that the frame, being a larger space, will look a little nicer, though I don't expect it to be any less picky about where you look at it.

The video quality is about what I expected, having already owned an aiptek and it's completely awesome that youtube basically just knew what to do, once I added the 3d tag. Here's my first test video:

I haven't really tested the sound yet, but I don't expect that they've made many leaps forward since my other camera, but perhaps it will be better, which would be nice.

I really liked the slide out USB and that they included a USB extension (which I'd never seen before) if you can't have it sticking out of your computer.

Ok, now the things I hate. Above all is that it makes these start up and UI sounds. There is no way to turn these off or reduce their volume other than putting your thumb over the speaker, and even then they are still audible. They let you adjust the playback volume, but this has no control over the UI sounds. So, I can't use this in a place where I would like to be quiet, like, say, back stage. I hope hope hope that they get a firmware update to fix this, but I'm not holding my breath. Once the camera is up and running and you just record, it makes no sound, so I can likely work around it.

The other annoyance I've found is if you store some stuff to the (admittedly too small to use) internal memory and then insert a sd card you can no longer view the images on the interal memory either from the camera UI or when it's plugged into the USB.

Other than that, so far, it's been tickling me pink. I can't wait to get some taiko footage, in vibrant hapi color with it, especially with the bachi coming RIGHT AT YOU!

I also felt lucky to be reminded of a cool cheap 3d trick with 3d stills. this isn't my image, but it demonstrates the theory and I can make mine own (when I have a little more time.
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