Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

[taiko log] rare public edition: cross,

We had a gig in a lovely church. It had this giant cross hanging from the ceiling over the stage.

We spent some time deciding if I would hit the cross while playing one of the pieces and eventually decided the best place for the drum would put the cross hanging directly over my head. People joked about the vibration of the drums making the cross fall, to which I commented that my gig nightmare from last night palled with what people were worried about actually happening.

Then when playing the piece, I realized that my hands very sweaty. There's a part in the song where we swing our hands up very quickly and I was worried with the sweatiness the stick would fly out of my hand and hit the cross, so I worked my hands up the sticks to a dry spot and played with very short sticks for that section.

I was also experimenting with the time-interval camera I had purchased. I had decided to get a inexpensive, used compact camera instead of getting an inverolometer for my DLSR so that I could leave the camera set up and taking pictures without worrying about it. Well good thing I decided that because during AP someone tripped over the tripod and the camera went boom to the floor. Someone set it back up, and it happily took pictures of the ceiling, but sadly when I went to view the images it started to report an lens error. The lens was visibly misaligned. I think a well placed twack make make it all better, but I didn't quite have the courage to do that. I might try it later if all other avenues don't pan out.

Before the gig, I got sliced by a metal brace retrofitted into one of our stands. Interestingly enough it was razor sharp, such that it really didn't hurt at all. It bled, a lot, but I played the whole gig without noticing that I'd done anything to my finger. It will also likely heal very quickly.

All in all it was a very good gig. We were very together, very comfortable and dealt with grace what few errors we did have. The audience was amazing. I think I will remember the cheer from Kashmir for a while. With my back to the audience, I couldn't see them, just hear it go from that moment of silence to the exuberant applause.
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