Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

ice skating

Went on an ice skating adventure today. I haven't been skating in about a decade. Started by me fishing out my old skates and finding out that the glue had aged out and all the velcro on the closures feel off. So then I discovered a pair of skates that I didn't even remember buying, but they stabled the top of my foot. So I fished out a third pair, and they still fit. We took the stabby pair to Goodwill on the way to the T.

Then we walked to this mysterious new rink near Kendall. jadia didn't actually know where it was and had to use her phone to find it. we finially did, walking past some art that we couldn't tell if it was building rubble or art (we later passed some actual building rubble that I thought was better art,) only to discover that not only was it closed, it seem to not quite have a thick enough layer of ice over it's cooling pipes.

So we walked back to the T and then went to Common to skate on the frog pond. They were at capacity, so we had a long, cold wait in the line, but we, and the people ahead of us, were all in good spirits. We eventually got in and I was very shaky at first, but it all came back. I even did a cross over, even if it wasn't a very effective one. (My skates were a little dull.) My feet quickly cramped, as they always do. I also went down twice, which I completely blame on other people, the quality of the ice and the toe picks. The falls didn't hurt at all, but my back was reminding me I was getting older. We couldn't skate that long before the pain won.

The wait in the line and us needing to change locals made me too late to attend my other evening plans, but it was a lot of fun to skate again after so long.
Tags: adventures, older, skating

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