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taiko plug

Just a reminder that the Odaiko New England Winter Extravaganza is this weekend. Why is this interesting, you might ask. Well everyone taking classes has the opportunity to perform, which means a lot of the people you know will be up there on the stage. From what I've heard of the rec class's song, a Juni original composition, it's going to be really cool, especially seeing beginners play something to complicated and funky. The styles class will be performing senryu, which was new to everyone in the class and is a ton of fun to play. But the big reason the extravaganza is interesting is...

Mark H is leaving for Washington DC and this is his big send off. As well as being the artistic director, he's the reason that I DO taiko. He's been a very patient, fun and amazing teacher. Emotions will be running high as the reality of him leaving really sinks in.

There will also be a song where I play 3-4 different instruments (depending on how you count.)

It should be a very interesting show.
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