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DO NOT USE BUILDING 19 rug underpading it will react with some finishes and destroy your finish as I found out the hard way. Now to at least make them take it as a return.

EDIT: I emailed them a complaint, they sent the following:

I have made several phone calls to trusted people in the padding industry. I know that you are not supposed to put anything down on newly polyurethaned floors for at least 6 months to let them cure. Unfortunately, there is nothing written on the pads, and nothing written in any of the stores that sell these pads (not just Building #19, but Home Goods, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, etc) about that fact. All of the padding people say that the person who polyurethaned the floors should have told you. Even if you put a rug down, the color will change because of the difference between light and dark (under the rug). Maybe some policy should change in the padding industry. I'll see what I can stir up.
Of course, you can return the pads. If you have any problem, have the store call me.

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