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Jazz boots are a big win!

I played in the arcade today with the jazz boots and they are just he perfect thing for me! I love them. I wish that I could buy a whole lot more at $20, but I can't. Maybe I can scrounge around and find a few pairs out there for something affordable.

Greg accidently picked Healing Vision angelic mix, which is a 9 foot I haven't even tried before (the 7 used to quickly consume my endurance, so I've been avoiding it until I get a few more 9s under my belt) and so I was forced to try a 9 foot in the arcade. I surpised myself by getting 3/4 of the way through before just running out of steam. I could definately do it (on first stage) if I had the endurance for it. This is another data point that my problem with the arcade is I just don't know the songs.

After that, I was wheezing, so we did cowgirl on maniac to cool me down. It felt good to be able to do an 8 foot as a cool down song.

Next time I think I will try a 9 foot that I've passed before and feel like I have a good chance of passing again (like afronova) and prove that I can do catas in the arcade.

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