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I tried to phone an electrician to get a free estimate. The number forwarded to "servicemagic." I was stupid enough to hand over my phone, address and email. They said the place I was trying to contact was no longer with them. I said, "oh, ok, I'd like to do some more research then." They said, "too late, we've already given your information to three other local places." My call waiting went off while I was still talking with service magic. We got two voice messages and one live call, despite asking for "email contact only."

After doing some research it seems that servicemagic is a "not-quite-a-scam-but-close" that targets contractors. Each one of those people got CHARGED to get given my info even though I wasn't ready for them to have it. Servicemagic seems to have a practice of placing search entries for local places with a number that phones them. I can't find a non-service magic phone for the place that I was trying to contact. I feel very sorry for the poor contractors, but given the business model, I can't trust the reviews on the site and really don't want to deal with service magic at all.

So if you phone a contractor and get forwarded to service magic, HANG UP!
Tags: scam

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