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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

1 year in the house

It's been about a year since we moved in. (We moved in several waves and apparently I didn't document exactly when we first slept here.) And so far, very good. The house cracks that scared me at the start haven't gotten much bigger, if at all. Most of the work the builders were supposed to have done got done and G has mostly adapted to driving without cursing my name. (Though he's yet to have any real snow driving.)

It's stopped feeling like a hotel, and my own bad house keeping is starting to catch up with me. The neighbors have mostly taken to ignoring us, pretty much. It does feel like our little mini-mansion. I'm still loving the luxuriousness of the space and everything being modern and mostly flat and level. I feel very lucky to have found the house.

While the noise from 93 is still noticeable when outside, and the loud thing can be heard, it's much quieter than Somerville. I still miss the convenience of Somerville, but I don't miss 133 at all, really, other than where it was, I can't think of one thing I miss about that house. I'm loving having a pond I can go look at (it would have been even cooler to be able to see it from the house, but then we would have likely needed and had to experience claiming flood insurance. I'd rather have a dry basement), a marsh with bids and a nice walk to the store. I love having an attic and a music room and an exercise room and bathrooms that are to code and not claustrophobic. And I love having closet space and good kitchen. And a garage! And someday I hope to have a shop setup in my basement (pending getting an electrician in.)

My mom has already had the chance to enjoy the guest bedroom not at the top of a very narrow, steep and winding staircase with a guest bathroom all to herself. I assume my mother-in-law will get the same opportunity sometime.

So far no regrets and I feel so lucky that life allowed me to have the opportunity to find my dream house. Here's hoping only the normal house issues (like the microwave, which, while premature, is mostly something to expect about home ownership) in the future. We're keeping an eye on the foundation crack.

Next year I'll see if I can't get my lawn in shape, figure out how I want to do composting, maybe make an herb garden, get the shop in shape, get my music/craft/sewing room all set up, get a shower door in, get the broken marble replaced, get a whole house humidifier before next winter and get myself to do actual spring cleaning to keep the house nice for a long time to come. I also want to figure out a way to mount wheels on my kayak so I take it out more often in the summer.
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