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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

YA Cast

I've been wanting to post about this for a very long time, but wasn't quite sure what to say about it. Retroactively at the start of this year am officially an independent contractor for Odaiko New England as an instructor and YA cast. I've been teaching classes since last year, but the YA cast is new. Young Audiences (YA) is a program that brings arts programs to public schools. What this means is that I travel around new england and perform for school children on a regular basis. I love this, though it's surprisingly tiring.

Taiko has always been a weird chapter in my life. I look back at all my entries and it has always been this thing that I care deeply about, that love doing, but also something that has always never been quiet what I expect it to be. It has definitely made me a better person, but I think that long winding road that got me here is why I wasn't sure what I wanted to say about this. I think I learned a few years back that I should love the now of taiko, and not worry to much about the future, because if I do, then I get caught up in pressuring myself to be something I'm not sure I can be, instead of just doing the best I can now and seeing where the road goes.

So is this cool? Definitely. But I will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.
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