Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

TV shopping

Many years ago we bought the cheapest flat panel (plasma) TV we could find. It's an ok TV, has a bit of plasma burn in (from pretty much the start of it's life) but the darks have very little differentiation in them and so certain video are very hard to see what's actually going on. It's also a bit loud and power consuming, so we've been looking at TVs.

So on my mother's recommendation we sent to see the Samsungs, but apparently they did something wrong this generation and they don't look good.

A apparently JVC makes this amazing TV, but is only sold IN STORE at paul's TV... weird. (JLE47BC3001)

We looked at the 3d things. The shutter glasses are still horrible. LG's passive was surprisingly nice, but even the 240hz had motion jitter (in 2d). I think they actually went too far the OTHER way on that front. (47LM7600) 3d also still seems like a gimmicky feature, despite how long TV's have been offering it.

EDIT: there's a blasted setting to reduce this. It's called "judder"

We're possibly considering some of the cheaper no names, but we're mostly deciding that now is not the time for a new TV. Basically everything is too expensive for what we'd get, so no new TV yet.
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