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The power supply on my laptop is failing. I could just spend $10 and get a new one (I have in the past) but I bought this laptop used and it always feels like it's on the edge of falling apart (occasionally it will just drop the battery on the floor.) So I was thinking I might get a new laptop. Now there the thing... my current laptop is a convertible with a wacom tablet built into the screen. Now, while I don't use this every day, I do use it on occasion while using the gimp and it's quite nice when I want it.

So I looked around, trying to look for a nicer version of this sort of thing, but, as always, they're expensive (I'm actually impressed at how little the price of this one, used, has dropped. It's not expensive, because of it's age, but anything newer and the price goes up dramatically (like the fujitsu t900.) I decided to go out and look at things and see if there was anything that really caught my fancy.

Something did, an open box samsung from bestbuy. Much more computer than I really need, (and more than I kind of wanted to pay) but it was the prefect compromise of size for me. It doesn't have a touch screen and it has windows 8 (ew.) Now I'm having a bit of buyer's regret, so I can't really decide if I'm keeping it.

So I wrote a post, hoping it would help me decide, but it didn't.
Tags: consume, first world problem

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